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Blake's Learning Centres: Maths Yr 6


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Blake’s Learning Centres are a wonderful, motivating way for students to practise important skills. The 10 centres in this downloadable PDF resource are self-contained and portable, and students can work individually or in a group. Once you’ve made the centres, they are ready to use at any time.

This downloadable PDF resource contains full-colour materials to construct 10 easy-to-make centres. A Teacher Instructions page is included with each centre, as well as a Centre Checklist for recording students’ progress.

The centres contain:

  • student directions/cover page 
  • task cards and/or mat(s) 
  • reproducible written practice sheets 
  • answer key

Each centre supports the Australian Mathematics Curriculum for Year 6 by providing fun practice in key maths skills.

These include:

  • identifying prime and composite numbers 
  • understanding percent as a fraction of 100 
  • dividing with decimal fractions 
  • using order of operations to solve multi-step equations 
  • finding the perimeters and areas of complex figures 
  • using graphs and plots to organise and display statistical data

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Blake's Learning Centres

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