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Instant Lessons - Interpreting Data in Senior Physics


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This senior secondary Physics resource includes self-contained units of work that will refine students’ ability to read, describe, analyse, manipulate and interpret data. Students create diagrams, complete tables and form thoughtful written responses about topics such as alternative energy, determining acceleration due to gravity, torque, electricity and heating, and the electric car. The theories of scientists Newton, Kepler, Cavendish and Joule are also linked to the data and unit scenarios.

Each unit follows a stepped process that will ensure that students develop appropriate science method skills. Extended answers have been included to assist with marking and to promote a complete understanding of the topic.

Use the Instant Lessons to supplement your existing resources, to extend student capabilities, for revision purposes, or for class work when the regular teacher is absent.

Topics Include:

  • The swinging of a simple pendulum
  • The conservation of energy
  • Physics and aircraft
  • Torque
  • The work of Henry Cavendish
  • Circular motion
  • The work of James Prescott Joul
  • Pressure in a liquid
  • The force between electric charges
  • Transformers
  • Electricity and heating
  • Wave transmission
  • Total internal reflection and optical fibres

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