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Instant Lessons - Food Technology - Food in Australia


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About This PDF

Food in Australia has been written to assist Years 7–10 Technology and Food Technology teachers to develop lessons about changes in Australians’ food habits over time, including the influence of multiculturalism and other factors. Each unit of work is an ideal supplement for a regular lesson, suitable for homework or revision, or can be left for a class when a regular teacher is absent.

Most work sheets are self-contained and require no additional materials, while others require access to the Internet or the library to complete research tasks.

Topics Include:

  • Personal Influences
  • The Australian Diet Today
  • Diet-Related Diseases
  • Food and Culture
  • Indigenous Australian Foods
  • Traditional Bush Tucker
  • A Taste of Australia
  • The First Fleet and Rationing
  • The British Influence
  • The Chinese Influence
  • Plan a Chinese Restaurant
  • Multicultural Flavours
  • Modern Cuisine
  • Timeline of Food Events

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