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Instant Lessons in Music - Book 3 - Music in Australia: Contemporary, Historical and the Radio Industry


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The Instant Lessons in Music series has been developed to assist Year 7-10 music teachers in providing lessons that encourage thought, interaction and the enjoyment of music.

This title includes a range of creative, fun and challenging activities about Australian musicians, composers, conductors, classic 'Aussie' songs, radio careers and program planning. 

Students can fully engage with these activities without being able to read music. 

Topics Include:

  • Aussie gals rock
  • Australian performers
  • Archie Roach's Took the children away 
  • Shane Howard's Clancey and Cooley and Dan Mclead 
  • Early Australian music storytellers
  • The Australian radio industry 
  • Designing a program grind
  • Diverse Australian composers
  • Famous Australian conductors 

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