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Instant Lessons - Music Essentials - Arranging


About This PDF

Music Essentials is a series of printable worksheets for junior secondary Music students. This second downloadable PDF resource, Arranging, covers all the skills students need to arrange a piece of music for multiple instruments, starting with only a lead sheet (lyrics, tune and chords).

Elements of music theory - such as reading bass clef, transposing and chord inversions - are also woven into the activities to provide a solid theoretical foundation. Written in a lively and easy-to-follow style by experience music teacher, composer and author Tim Tuck, the units in this downloadable PDF resource take students step-by-step through arranging the folk song 'Banks of the Ohio' for voice and seven instruments. 

Students will need a background in some basic theory - some of which is covered in Song writing PDF - for these activities. 

Topics Include:

  • Reading musical scores
  • Transposing
  • Chord revision
  • Understanding and using chord inversions
  • Writing guitar tablature and rhythm guitar parts
  • Writing parts for keyboard, bass guitar, flute, clarinet and saxophone
  • Creating drum parts using special notation
  • Writing harmony parts and counter-melodies 
  • Expanding a short arrangement into a longer song

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