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Instant Lessons in Music - Book 4 - Everyday Musicality: Storytelling, Producing and Personal Response


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The Instant Lessons in Music series has been developed to assist Year 7-10 music teachers in providing lessons that encourage thought, interaction and the enjoyment of music. 

This title includes a range of creative, fun and challenging activities about music and moods, CD making, musicals, mash-ups and songwriting.

Students can fully engage with these activities without being able to read music. 

Topics Include:

  • Music journals
  • Music and moods
  • Instrument families
  • Researching careers in music
  • The role of a music producer
  • Compiling an album of songs
  • Choosing music for TV
  • Reviewing music
  • Politics and music
  • Write your own political protest

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Secondary - Junior
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Creative Arts
Instant Lessons

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