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Instant Lessons - Music Essentials - Listening and Learning - Book 1


About This PDF

Music Essentials is a series of printable worksheets for junior secondary Music students. This PDF, Listening and Learning 1, contains 20 units of listening quizzes, with answers, that give students the necessary skills in recognising and notating rhythms, simple melodies, dynamics and metre.

These quizzes cover rhythm (crotchets, quaver pairs, minims, semibreves, crotchet rests, time signatures and notation), melody (shape, sequences, intervals – repeats, seconds and thirds), harmony (identifying how many notes are played together), repeat signs, tempo and dynamics. The final two units help students ‘put it all together’ as they notate both the rhythms and melodies of some simple tunes.

Students will need a background in basic music theory – approximately AMEB Grade 1 level – for these quizzes, or at least know the pitch letter names from middle C to F on the fifth line of the treble stave and be able to identify quaver pairs, crotchets, minims, semibreves, dynamic symbols (forte and piano), basic time signatures (2/4, 3/4 and 4/4) and repeat signs.

Topics Include:

  • Matching rhythm notation to a played rhythm
  • Identifying the ‘shape’ of a played tune
  • Comparing melody notation to a played melody
  • Identifying dynamics (f and p) in a played rhythm
  • Identifying time signature
  • Identifying intervals between played notes (repeats, seconds and thirds)
  • Identifying how many notes are played together
  • Notating rhythms and melodies
  • Inserting repeat signs correctly
  • Notating missing notes in a played tune

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