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Instant Lessons - Music Essentials - Songwriting


About This PDF

Music Essentials is a series of printable worksheets for junior secondary Music students. This first downloadable PDF resource, Song writing, covers all the skills students need to start composing their own songs, including lyrics, tunes and chord progressions. Elements of music theory - such as major scales, blues scales and basic chord construction - are also woven into the activities to provide a solid theoretical foundation. 

Written in a lively and easy-to-follow style by experienced music teacher, composer and author Tim Tuck, this downloadable PDF resource can be used as a complete course in song writing from start to finish, but all the units can be easily adapted for homework revision or stand-alone lessons. A revision quiz is also provided at the back of the resource. 

Topics Include:

  • Writing and structuring lyrics
  • Understanding metre and syllables
  • The major scale
  • The blues scale and 12-bar blues structure
  • Building and using chords
  • Writing tunes to fit lyrics
  • Writing tunes to a specific rhythm
  • Fitting tunes to chords
  • Finding a song title

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